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Golf Cart Insurance Golf carts are not just for the golf course anymore.  Nowadays more and more people are using them for recreational purposes.  Many people mistakenly assume that their homeowner policy or their automobile policy will cover their golf cart. READ MORE >>

Preparing for Hurricane Dorian As Hurricane Dorian approached the North Carolina coast, you should start to prepare.  Here are a few tips to assist you in hurricane preparedness:   1.        Gas up your vehicles – In case of a mandatory evacuation, you should have all of your vehicles full of gas. READ MORE >>

Car Washing Tips for Winter – Before winter storms, most municipalities will have their road crews put salt and sand over the roads to help prevent potential accidents.  As you drive over this mixture, the salt and sand is deposited on your vehicle.  It is important to make sure you clean off this debris from your vehicle. READ MORE >>

My friend borrowed my car and had an accident.  Why am I liable?   It happens to everybody.  A relative borrows your car because theirs is in the shop or a friend asks to borrow your car to run an errand.  We have all allowed someone to use our car at some point in time. READ MORE >>

Don’t Let Your Home be the Next Victim of a Burglary   According to data from the FBI, 65% of home burglaries occur between the hours of 6am and 6pm when most people are at work.  35% of burglars enter right through the front door and the master bedroom is usually the first room that is targeted. READ MORE >>

5 Tips when Purchasing Car Insurance Don’t Take the Lowest Liability Limits 1.       Purchasing lower liability limits may seem cost effective, but in the long run it can be costly. READ MORE >>

Automobile Winter Survival Kit As winter weather approaches, so does the increase in accident rates pertaining to weather related events.  Some winter storms, can leave drivers stranded on the roadside for hours if not days.  During the winter, it is recommended that you keep certain items in your car in case you and your family are stranded due to bad weather. READ MORE >>

I have plenty of coverage for my personal property.  Is a home inventory really necessary?   You may think you know exactly what you have in your home, but in times of stress, such as after a fire or some other catastrophic event, your memory may be clouded due to anxiety and fear and it will be difficult to think. READ MORE >>

What are the North Carolina Requirements for Car Insurance (2015)? North Carolina law requires every driver to have liability, uninsured motorist, and in some cases, underinsured motorist insurance.   North Carolina law states specific minimum limits for each coverage.  READ MORE >>

Comprehensive and collision coverage – what is the difference?   A typical auto insurance policy includes three primary types of coverage.  These are liability, comprehensive (sometimes referred to as “other than collision”) and collision. READ MORE >>

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