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North Carolina Golf Cart Insurance

Golf carts are not just for the golf course anymore.  Nowadays more and more people are using them for recreational purposes.  Many people mistakenly assume that their homeowner policy or their automobile policy will cover their golf cart.  Depending on the type of golf cart you own and how you use it, that may or may not be true. 

Your standard homeowner policy could provide some limited coverage for the golf cart while it is being used strictly on your property.  Once you leave the boundaries of your property though, you may no longer have any coverage.   Likewise, a standard automobile insurance policy typically will not offer protection for your golf cart.

In North Carolina, South Carolina and many other states, golf cart owners are required by law to maintain liability insurance if they use the golf cart on public streets.  Even if you are not legally required to buy golf cart insurance, it may make sense to do so anyway.  Golf carts can get stolen or damaged and they can also cause serious damage or injuries if involved in an accident.

Golf cart policies are normally inexpensive and will cover you just about anywhere your cart takes you.  It will also cover you in the offseason while your cart is in storage.  Golf cart policies are very similar to automobile policies.  They consist of liability coverage for any property damage and bodily injury that you are responsible for, collision coverage to pay for your cart if it is damaged in an accident, and comprehensive coverage if your cart is stolen or damaged by something other than a collision, fire or hail for instance.  There are other bells and whistles you may be able to add as well, for such things as custom parts or a stereo.

To protect yourself and your investment, purchase a golf cart policy.  Then, whether you plan to take on the sand traps and water hazards or just head out for a leisurely cruise, you can rest easy knowing that you are properly insured.

If you are looking for golf cart insurance coverage within Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, Sunset Beach, Oak Island, Carolina Beach, Emerald Isle, New Bern, or other beaches, give our office a call and speak with one of our agents. 


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